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Step into the Cirle

There are 3 ticket types. Any of these can be used for solo or team experiences.  There are 50 tickets which include free accomodation. There are 50 no-accomodation tickets. There are 35 places for beds in a camping pod (5 beds in each). We will do our best to ensure you are accomodated together if in a team.

All include

  • Entry into Cabin in the Forest Experience (much more than race)

  • Event is situated in Thorpe Woodlands, Therford Forest

  • An weekend in the Forest that you will never forget

  • Cast of paid actors, in the cabin and beyond, to ehance your experience

  • A charm to carry throughout the night

  • GPS Tracker Hire from Track Trail®

  • Tea / Coffee, plus some pre/post event refreshment

  • Event memento

    • or when you register opt NOT to have a memento, instead plant a tree and discount your entry by -£5 (1 per person max)

  • Technical tee is an optional extra to avoid environmental waste for those that don't want one​

  • Race Direction from Mark and Richard (well over a 100 ultras RDd in the last 10 years)

  • Event has PLI and Employers liability insurance


race ticket, Accomodation and Entertainment

These tickets include free of charge accomodation in the main cabin. There are only 50 of these. First come, first served! 

Race Ticket, Entertainment, No Accomodation (you can book camping)

These tickets are without accomodation.There are only 50 of these. First come, first served! (Note: The venue advise if you want to camp, you can for £10 per person, book with them direct and say you are with the event ) [UPDATE: only 34 remain as of 6pm 19th Nov]

Trail Race only 30 miles

£15 ticket.  These tickets are for a 30 mile forest trail race. No accomodation, no entertainment or actors included in thhis package

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