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 The story so far...

12 months have passed since the RUN Resistance Underground Network made an incursion into central Metropolis, and scored a huge propaganda win by placing operatives at key locations in the capital, at exactly 2am, to spell “V” for victory, 1 mile long, visible in the skies and broadcast on all channels.

V for Victory.png

Several operatives also managed to successfully smuggle in samples of an antidote to the drug which the State uses to pacify the population. The antidote is now being manufactured at several key location in the city, and more citizens are being awakened from their drug-induced state to the reality of their situation. 


The State was weakened by the actions of 12 months ago, but it remains in control, for now. 


Our operatives escaped on the last transports from Metropolis at 7am after the mission last year, to jubilant scenes at the fallback HQ of RUN. “The first transport is away!”, rang out through the tunnels of the underground Arctic base.

Then disaster struck.  The second transport was intercepted by the Marines Corps who have defected to The State is unknown, but clearly our RUN operatives were outgunned and immediately surrendered.

The captives were returned to Metropolis and are currently languishing in a State holding camp in Metropolis.  They are shortly to be moved to a new containment facility. Keen to press home their own propaganda message, the State took over the RUN headquarters that they captured soon after the events of last year.  The old RUN HQ has been converted to a maximum-security jail; one where walls do not a prison make…

In a subsequent mission, you will be among the intake of RUN criminals that arrives under-guard to state facility: Desmoterian

Needless to say, we expect RUN operatives to effect an escape plan, and then make their way with best speed into the Metropolis, engage with multiple contacts throughout the night, and wreak some havoc..

2021 Briefing 3 released 13/9/2021 - See last entry

2021 Briefing 1:


My name is Maria, let me remind you how we arrived to this point. It is 100 years since the Brexit civil wars split the Kingdom. London Metropolis is a walled, militarised state. No one leaves, no one enters. Every Citizen is permanently geo-tagged, habitations are under permanent video and audio surveillance. Whatever the vision was for this Metropolis utopia, it has failed.  Some Citizens have escaped and defected .  Citizens who managed to escape and share valuable location information with us were rewarded with transport to the off-world colonies. We are RUN,  the Resistance Underground Network . Join us. 

RUN has secretly planned an insertion of their Contacts into Metropolis on October 9th/10th 2021. RUN are looking to contact with oppressed Metropolis Citizens in the borderlands of Metropolis. I personally will brief any Citizens who are prepared to undertake a night-time, dangerous, border-to-border mission via central metropolis. All Citizens geo-locations will be visible to RUN but also to State who may opt to get involved.  RUN will hack the state surveillance network and provide all citizens temporary access to the state-sponsored tracking portal, so they too can track the location of all players and key locations in Metropolis. This data will change throughout the night. Intelligence will be fed to your mobile device.

Citizens will each have an individual  mission to complete, and bonus objectives are available for the brave. You must then locate the RUN Contact. If your mission was sucessful, the Contact will supply the location of the last transport out of Metropolis.   You must reach the evac point before the transport leaves, at dawn - 07:30. If you don't make it on time, you get left behind. It is that simple.

Can you help us Citizen?

2021 BRIEFING 2 - July '21 **

End the opression.png

End the Oppression!

Citizens.  There is hope the pandemic is now manageable. For 18 months, London's Metropolis has been locked down, making our incursion mission impossible.  As on July 19, restrictions should be somewhat lifted, and we believe the planned mission on Oct9/10 '21 can proceed. 

The cenizens of Metropolis have been opressed even more under the lockdown, and RUN greatly need you help to end their sufferring. Some denizens believe they have been microchipped under the pretence of vaccination. If true, this presents a serious escaltion in state surveilance, and we will find a way to deactivate the network. The first stage of our plan for their manumission is our intelligence gathering mission in October.

Each operative volunteer who signs up will be assigned an individual objective. When we add all of these pieces of intelligence together we will unlock the key to their intelligence network. Our objective is to poke the bear; to cause a reaction, and detail how they respond, as well as photographing key state locations and gleaning intelligence from contacts and potential defectors within Metropolis.

I'll tell you more in due course. For now, train hard.



2021 BRIEFING 3- Sept '21 

Mission Guidebook released!

Citizens, download the 2021 mission guidebook here

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