** BRIEFING 10/10/2119 22:00 **


My name is Maria, let me remind you how we arrived to this point. It is 100 years since the Brexit civil wars split the Kingdom. London Metropolis is a walled, militarised state. No one leaves, no one enters. Every Citizen is permanently geo-tagged, habitations are under permanent video and audio surveillance. Whatever the vision was for this Metropolis utopia, it has failed.  Some Citizens have escaped and defected .  Citizens who managed to escape and share valuable location information with us were rewarded with transport to the off-world colonies. We are RUN,  the Resistance Underground Network . Join us. 

RUN has secretly planned an insertion of their Contacts into Metropolis on October 9th/10th 2021. RUN are looking to contact with oppressed Metropolis Citizens in the borderlands of Metropolis. I personally will brief any Citizens who are prepared to undertake a night-time, dangerous, border-to-border mission via central metropolis. All Citizens geo-locations will be visible to RUN but also to State who may opt to get involved.  RUN will hack the state surveillance network and provide all citizens temporary access to the state-sponsored tracking portal, so they too can track the location of all players and key locations in Metropolis. This data will change throughout the night. Intelligence will be fed to your mobile device.

Citizens will each have an individual  mission to complete, and bonus objectives are available for the brave. You must then locate the RUN Contact. If your mission was sucessful, the Contact will supply the location of the last transport out of Metropolis.   You must reach the evac point before the transport leaves, at dawn - 07:30. If you don't make it on time, you get left behind. It is that simple.

Can you help us Citizen?