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What is this?

An immersive running/walking event that starts in Waltham Abbey, and you progress on foot into "Metropolis" (London) where the story continues

Do I have to do it alone?

No, you can run in a pair or group if you prefer . All of you will be assigned to the same objectives

What happens at registration?

You'll sign onto the event. You will arrive and engage with the cast to understand your objectives. 

What is my "Mission"?

Everyone will be assigned objectives; many at specific locations around London.  You will have mandatory and bonus missions. Your story will continue as you engage with cast member throughout the night in the city. You will need your mobile phone to participate in the event. It will need to be powered on at all times

Who are the Contacts?

Individual cast members deployed in central Metropolis locations, who supply information about your objectives

How will I find my way?

It will all be What3Words, street address or postcode-driven. You will need a smartphone and access to Google maps and W3W.

What are the "eyes"?

Individual or team-operated state players who will monitor participant locations. They may decide to get involved and take direct action to hunt you down...

DO I have to complete the entire mission?

The time limit is 10 hours. You can choose how much or little you do in that time. 

What do I get for completing?

As well as an experience you will talk about for a long time to come, you will be awarded a bespoke metropolis medal when you make good your escape.

I'm not sure, it sounds a bit different to what I am used to?

Yes, and that's what we are aiming for. You can run a regular marathon or an ultramarathon anytime.  This could be something more. Yes, this is an immersive run, but you'll have some fun as well as something to talk about for a long time . Ask any participant who took part in 2021 what it was like. 

Do I have to use the TRansport back to HQ, or can I just get a train home from London?

We would encourage you to use public transport to get the start venue at The Royal Gunpowder Mills near Waltham Abbey, and then get a train home from central London, but we will also put in a coach you can opt to buy a ticket for which will depart central London at 7am and go back to Waltham.

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