What is this?

A (circa) 50k race across metropolis; London

Do I have to do it alone?

No, you can run in a pair or group if you prefer . All of you will be assigned to the same objective

What happens at registration?

You'll sign onto the event. You will learn your individual mission. It will be a unique race sign on experience. You will be briefed by one the RUN operatives.

What is my "Mission"?

Everyone will be assigned an individual mission objective, at specific locations.  Your mission will be revealed to you at registration. You will need your mobile phone to participate in the event. It will need to be powered on at all times

Who is "My Contact"

Individuals deployed in central metropolis locations, who supply the location of the evacuation transport, if your intel checks out.

How will I find my way?

It will all be street address or postcode-driven. You will need a smartphone and access to Google maps.

What are the "eyes"?

Individual or team-operated state players who will monitor participant locations. They may decide to get involved and take direct action...

what happens if I don't reach the transport before it leaves?

The time limit is 10 hours. 9pm start, and dawn is at 7am. The event transports will be located near a popular transport hub. If you fail you reach the transport by dawn you will have to  shamefully make your way back to the registration HQ  location using public transport 

What do I get for completing?

As well as an experience you will talk about for a long time to come, you will be awarded a bespoke metropolis medal when you make good your escape.

I'm not sure, it sounds a bit different to what I am used to?

Yes, and that's what we are aiming for. You can run a regular marathon or an ultramarathon anytime.  This could be something more. Yes, this is a run, but you'll have some fun as well as something to talk about for a long time