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MIssion 2021

What makes the event different?
Immersive!:  Yes, it is a running (or walking) event in London, but it is an immersive story-driven 'Experience'.

Briefings will periodically appear on the site, to provide background, and useful details.
On event day, you will become a member of RUN (Resistance underground Network). You will join an immersive registration event at the atmospheric Royal Gunpowder Mills near Waltham Abbey. You will encounter our cast, learn of missions to undertake, then depart on foot into London and engage with more cast members in the city throughout the night, to unravel the plot and complete your objectives.

Your mobile telephone will be a key asset in the event, to help you navigate Metropolis to your goals. The mission will end at 7am in Central London, where you can then opt to go straight home or you can opt for a coach ticket transport, to take you back to Waltham.

Solo/Team entry Cost - £89  

You can make you own way home via trail/bus afterwards or we will put on a coach to take people back to Waltham (£10)


  • Enter Solo or enter as team 

  • Your order will be fulfilled by an emailed response and e-ticket

  • This event is non-refundable. You can sell your place privately within 1 week of the event and notify us of the replacement details

  • Ensure that your email allows and as safe senders to ensure you receive important event communications

  • If the event is postponed/cancelled you will be refunded the face-value ticket cost

No events at the moment

Register in a The Royal Gunpowder Mills
Engage with the cast and story at the HQ 

Head into Central London
Complete your main mission
Complete bonus objectives

Progress the story with cast contacts throughout the city
Learn your end point point
Don't be late!


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