MIssion 2020 : maschinenmensch

Border to Border

Approximate distance 50 km

Oct 10/11th 2020

What makes the event different?

Interactive:  Yes, it is a 50km race cross the entire county of London, but it can also be a story-driven 'Experience'. Briefings will periodically appear on the site, to provide background, and useful details. On event day, you will join an interactive registration encounter, plus learn of your unique 'mission'; no two missions are the same.

Entry Cost - £69 GBP - Event on Sale mid November

Read the  first briefing  . Follow the link and register for an access code. It's the first step to gaining a place on the last transport

Gather at the borderpost

Incursion into Metropolis

Complete your mission

Meet your contact

Learn your evac point

Reach the last transport before dawn

Don't get left behind

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