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Mabon has passed and it is the weekend before Samhain; the pagan new year approaches, but the old one is not done with you yet. The moon is waxing cresent.

There is a cabin in the forest.  The cabin is a safe haven, at least for now but time runs short.  Come inside the cabin now and meet our community.  We have the knowledge that you will need to survive a night in the forest.  Speak to us, learn from us. Speak to Margery. She will provide a trinket, a keepsafe, a charm if you will.  Don’t lose this, your safety depends on it.

There is a book in the cabin. It’s an odd book. Best not to look at the binding cover too closely. It doesn’t serve you well to dwell on such things. Some of the pages were taken.  They are scattered in the forest. Some pages rest alone, some have guardians; what do they want?


Nature has had her way with some of the terrain.  You may curse.

Coming with a friend? How well do you know the your companian tonight? Maybe you have known them for a long time. Will you lose that trust at some point tonight?

The time has come to leave the cabin now. There is just time to recant the Caim.

Set foot outside the cabin now, travel safely.

Oh, I almost forgot.  Elsewhere throughout the forest, the others roam.  Stay away from the others.

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